Fashion, design etc.

You will find almost any fashionable brand on eighter Boulevards de la Croisette or Rue d’Antibes (the main street of Cannes), but if you wish to find something else that this we can recommend:

2, Rue Macé
+33 0493394259
This shop has a handpicked selection of Fashion from both Danish and international brands

Le Grand Bazar
68, Rue d’Antibes
+33 0493383383

Food, deli etc.

Food markets

Marche Forville
Food market every morning from 7 am to 1 pm (except monday where there is a flea market)
You will find vegetables, flowers, fish, local cheese and specialities

Marché provencal Gambetta
Place Gambetta
Food market every morning from 7 am to 1 pm (except monday)

Food delivery to the apartment

In this super market you can buy all your basic food and drinks for the vacation etc. water from Evian, Volvic etc.
Best thing is that Monoprix can deliver all your purchases to the apartment (and if you send enough it is with free delivery)